Flow Kiteboarding RMX2 Bar

RMX2 bar

The new Flow RMX2 Bar System has significantly improved security and bar weight. With less bar pressure, easier and safer quick release and plastic protection along the bar travel, you can kite for longer without effort. It is a technically perfect system with top of the line components, great balance of features to serve all your kiting needs. It works perfectly with all Flow kites as well as most of other brands on the market.

The RMX2 bar can be easily tuned:

  • Standard bar setup: full power = all lines same length
  • 19m or 23m lines
  • HD bar with metal centre
  • Clamcleat ® depower trimmer
  • Easy change from 4 to 5 lines setup
  • V fork close to bar so you could easily reach it for self landing
  • Internal swivel to untwist
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Flow RMX2 bar features

Light and ergonomic

Flow RMX2 bar features

Clamcleat ® de-power trimmer

Flow RMX2 bar features

Push away quick release

Flow RMX2 bar features

Internal swivel for untwist