Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty and 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee

Our goal is your satisfaction and nothing is more important than a happy customer. That is why we offer two warranties on all of our products.

For customers who purchase their gear from their local store we offer our Lifetime Warranty and for online purchase customers who bought directly from we additionally provide a 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee.

Should you have any issue with our products, send us as much information as possible via Contact Us form or including your details, the product details (model, size, color), date of purchase and the description of what happened and we will take care of the issue!

Follow the links above for further details or the Terms & Conditions for the fine print.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our product quality.

Under our Lifetime Warranty we will cover all of our products, and warrant them to be free from manufacturing defect.

Numerous quality control checks are in place to ensure our products are well constructed and free of defects. However, even with our best effort, some times defects might pass unnoticed, or some problem might result from shipping, which is out of our control. So to give you peace of mind and make sure you will receive the best deal we will provide you with our Lifetime Warranty. If you have noticed any issue with our products simply get in touch with our Customer Service providing detailed description and we will arrange a Return Authorization Form and instructions on how to proceed from there.

Our warranty includes our kites, bars, boards and accessories used with these products. Items like stitching of the canopy and edges, bars, lines, twintip board lamination and hardwares, bladder issues on new and damage caused by shipping are covered. Due to the high impact nature of kitesurfing, we cannot warranty against reasonable wear and tear, so this warranty is not intended to cover issues such as canopy tears due to surf, any damage caused by crashing the kite, sand / surf impact, sun and UV degradation, damage caused by using non-Flow Kiteboarding products or damage caused using the product for anything other than its intended purpose.